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Name:                                     Prem Prasad Paudel
Father's Name:                        Dharma Datta Paudel
Date of birth:                          2040/05/17 (2nd September  1983 A.D.)

Permanent Address:                Dhaibung-9, Rasuwa, Nepal
Temporary Address:               Dhunche-5, Rasuwa
Citizenship:                             Nepali  / No: 762/38
Contact Phone:                       9741016732
Email:                                     paudelprem@gmail.com
Website /Blog:                       www.premprasadpaudel.blogspot.com

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Prem Prasad Paudel

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1. Intermediate in Humanities from Tribhuban University
  1. SLC from HMG board

Trainings Programme:

  1. 3 month Computer Training – Basic course in Intel computer institute, Kalikasthan, 2057 [With certificate]
  2. 3 Days First Aid Training Organized by Porters Progress Nepal, Katmandu, 2059
  3. 3 days Institutional Good administration Training organized by NGO Federation Rasuwa, 2063
  4. 4 days cleaning and supply drinking water training organized by District Water Supply Office, 2064
  5. 1 Days constitutional Assembly Election Observation Training Organized by NEOC Rasuwa , 2064. [With certificate]
  6. 5 days Chiraito and other wild herbal plant product and market management training organizing by LNP/ BZSP/ WWF, Bhorle, 2065 [With certificate]
  7. 5 days School Improvement Plan making training organized by District Education Office/ Search Nepal / SISM Project, 2065
  8. 3 Days Peace Journalism Training organized By Janajagaran Radio Srota club – Dhaibung , 2065 [With certificate]
  9. 3 days Training to make Vermy Compost Organized by LNP/BZSP 2065.
  10. 15 days Training of Trainer on Start and Improve Your Business [ TOT on SIYB ]  organized  By MEDEP in Dhulukhel, 2066 / 03 / 01 to 2066 / 03 / 15 [With certificate]
  11. 2 days Training on Monitoring and Reporting organized by UNDP/SGP in Butwol 2066
  12. 5 days Basic Journalism Course Training Jointly organized by National Media Development Centre  (NMDC) and Media Point (MP) from 19-23 June, 2010 at Kalikasthan, Rasuwa. [With certificate]
  13. 3 days Participatory Rural Appraisal Training Jointly Organized by IRDC, UNDP/GEF/SGP, 23-25 February 2011 at Dragon Hotel, Pokhara. (With Certificate)
  14. 3 days New Media and Constitution Issues Training Organized by Equal Access Nepal and UNDP . form 30 Sept 2012 to 1 oct 2012 at Bhalthali, Kavre.
  15. 2 days Conservation Journalism  Training organized by Langtang National Park, WWF at 17/18 march 2013. 

Experience :
1. Date : April 2013 to Continue
Employer :  Langtang Area Conservation Concern Society, Dhunche
Programme :  Communication Beat (Part Time)  

Duties and responsibilities

2. Date : September 2011 to March 2012
Employer :  Travel Technology, Nepal
Programme :  Online Service 

Duties and responsibilities

3. Date : March 2011 to April 2011
Position :  Research Volunteer
Employer : ISAEPF Nepal/Practical Action Nepal
Programme :

Duties and responsibilities
  • Select VDC and Households to survey

4. Date : June 2009 to Dec 2010
Position : Field Supervisor
Employer : ISAEPF Nepal/IAPHF Nepal/GEF-SGP-UNDP
Programme : Improving Households Management Practices In Sacred Himalayan Landscape, Langtang National Park, Rasuwa.

Duties and responsibilities
§  Facilitation to make Linkage IAP [Indoor Air Pollution] alleviating product suppliers buys;
§  Create awareness against indoor smoke and adopt behavior change approach for healthy living inside homes;
§  Facilitate to create demand for smoke hoods from additional households ; 
§  Monitor installation work of smoke alleviating products and help to ensure quality of installed products ;
§  Facilitate Revolving Fund Group  to use and manage the Revolving Fund appropriately particularly in disseminating smoke alleviating product in newer homes;
§   Collect the views of users and provide input in technology improvements, stove/ kitchen improvement; wall insulation; ventilation; solar passive lighting and heating etc.
§  Facilitate  to promote local entrepreneurship;
§  Identify income generation potentiality  for RF Group, facilitate in its promotion and use for it;
§  Coordinate with district stake holders, line agency,  Local government 
§  Reporting and Documentation; 

 5. Date: Jan, 2009- March 2009:
Position                       : Research Volunteer
Employer                   : ISAEPF Nepal/ Practical Action Nepal
Program                     : Research into behaviour change by use of Rural Technology
Duties and responsibilities:
§  Select Village and Baseline survey;
§  Select  households and survey questionnaire to provide technologies as their Needs;
§  Measurements of consume firewood and lighting purpose before installation Technologies and after;
§  Find out behavior change after installation of Technologies;   
§  Coordination with different development and administrative organization at district level;
§  Program monitoring , supervision and evaluation;
§  Prepared report and submit to Research Coordinator;
§  Organized meeting ,training to use technologies;

6. Date: January Aug 2006- March 2008:
Position                       : Social Mobilizer
Employer                   : Practical Action Nepal
Programme                : Indoor Air Pollution Alleviation
Duties and responsibilities:
·         Assist office operation programme;
·         Empowered the women and community on Indoor Air Pollution;
·         Assist to community to form group on information technology;
·         Facilitate to group formation and strengthening;
·         Facilitate to installation chimney hoods and support to mobilize Revolving Fund for scaling-up on Indoor Air Pollution  Alleviation; 
·         Support to institutional development(NGO and cooperatives) from Revolving Fund Group(RFG);
·         Form district Indoor Air Pollution Alleviation  Fund management committee in DDC level for the sustainability of program;
·         Identify potential income generating activities and support to group through revolving funds.

Other Experience

  • Trekking Guide and Cook in Himalayan trekking Route, (2002-2006)
  • Secretary, Porters Progress, Nepal. (April 2006 to April 2007)
  • Working for Account Management, Revolving Fund and Other village Fund Group (2000 to 2010)
  • Chair Person, Management Committee of Shree Jhyanglang Primary School, Dhaibung- 9, Rasuwa (2008-2010)
  • Observation constitutional Assembly Election, 2008
  • Managing Varies Program, District level, VDC level through the several Organizations, Continue.
  • Worked as Enumerator 'Survey status of Entrepreneurs of Rasuwa according to MEDEP/SEEDS Rasuwa, 2067.
  • Working as a Reporter 'Trishuli Prawaha Weekly' (2009 to continue)
  • Working as Editor 'Rasuwa Khabar Weekly From 2010 October to December 2012.
  • Writing blogs and news in Citizen Journalism platform www.meroreport.net  and  www.mediamanch.net regular.  

Members of professional Societies

·            Chief Advisor of Management Committee of Shree Jhyanglang Primary School, Dhaibung- 9, Rasuwa.

·            Founder Vice Secretary of Indoor Smoke Alleviation And Environment Protection Forum – Nepal (ISAEPF-NEPAL) Rasuwa, Dhunche
·            Member of Federation of Nepal Journalism .

·         Volunteering, social work, research, Write and publication of Articles / Poem, Blogging, travelling & works with vulnerable groups for their rights & empowerment.

I have written several articles / Poem in Nepali National daily, Weekly newspaper and various blogs about Climate Change and Renewable energy issues, Indoor Smoke Pollution Issue, Tourism, Cultural and other Social  issues' . That' can see at www.premprasadpaudel.blogspot.com and www.rasuadigitalkhabar.blogspot.com.   

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